Training activities are instructional events, designed for a specific purpose or audience to increase the participants’ knowledge, skills, and competencies regarding AT.

Topics may include AT and the IEP; AT for Aging in Place; Assuring Accessibility of Your Website (e.g. for webmasters), or AT for successful transition to Post-Secondary Education. Such events can be delivered to large or small groups, in-person, or via telecommunications or other distance education mechanisms. 

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Annual Statewide Institute on Assistive Technology

Each year the KATS Network hosts a Statewide Assistive Technology Conference. This years conference will be held in September, 2022. Topics we will cover this year include:

  • Assistive Technology for ADLs and Wellness,
  • Autism and Alternative and Augmentative Communication,
  • Assistive Technology and Transportation,
  • DIY solutions,
  • Assistive Technology and Notetaking,
  • Accessible Documents, and
  • Low Vision

Lighting Information Everyone Should know for home and work.

In the video below, viewers will be provided with a basic understanding of the physics of light waves in the visible spectrum and ultraviolet, and how they affect an individual’s vision. Elaine Kitchel will present three ways to change the lighted environments for people with low vision, no vision, and normal vision to make the environment optimal, show an understanding of how to read the lighting code on specific bulbs and tubes.

Ms. Kitchel is a nationally recognized expert on lighting with more than 25 years of research, with 80 articles and two books published.

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