Information on this page is current as of April, 2024


Kentucky’s Statewide Hearing Aid Reuse Program (SHARP)

Thank you for your interest in Kentucky’s Statewide Hearing Aid Reuse Program (SHARP) – a program of the KATS Network.  SHARP accepts hearing aids of any age/condition.  Donated hearing aids are sent in to Starkey to be evaluated  and either refurbished or salvaged and used for parts.  In turn, KATS/SHARP receives credits to assist consumers with repairs to their existing hearing aids.   Refurbished hearing aids are made available to Hearing Health Professionals.  Through this program we are providing the following services to residents of Kentucky with hearing loss:

Donation of no longer needed Hearing Aids

SHARP is collecting used hearing aids (any age, any condition), as well as hearing aid remotes, and transmitters. Contact the KATS Network (SHARP) for information on participating drop-off locations or to request a self-addressed stamped envelope to place the hearing aids in. If requested, a receipt may be provided for the donation.

Assistance with the Repair of Hearing Aids

SHARP has limited funds to assist with the cost of reconditioning and/ or repairing your existing hearing aids through Starkey’s All Make Repair program. Please have your HHP/Audiologist contact SHARP to learn more about this program and to ensure that we have enough funds available as our amount available changes daily.

The reconditioning and repair of hearing aids must be ordered by an HHP through the Starkey All Make Repair Program. The HHP must call SHARP prior to placing an order to receive funding through SHARP.

Contact SHARP

If you would like to know more about how SHARP can benefit you, please contact the KATS Network at (800) 327-5287 or email us at