Lending Library

The KATS Network lending library offers a variety of assistive technology devices for loan through our network of regional assistive technology resource centers. These short-term loans provide a try-before-you-buy opportunity to assist individuals in making informed decisions about the assistive technology they might use at work, school or home.

When individuals with disabilities have an opportunity to borrow AT devices, they may learn more about which devices meet their needs.  This often helps consumers decide what device to purchase or whether to purchase a device at all.

The equipment loan program can also be helpful for providing temporary replacement devices to a consumer whose own personal device is on order or being repaired.


The purpose of a short-term loan may be to assist in decision-making, to serve as a loaner while waiting for a device repair or funding, to provide an accommodation on a short term basis, or for professional development.


Individuals with disabilities of all ages and/or those family members and professionals who work with and support them are eligible to borrow or be provided with a demonstration of a device, regardless of their type of disability, age, income level or location of residence within the state.

How it Works

The ATRCs offer a wide range of devices for short term loan, demonstration, evaluation or training, including: communication, telecommunications, computer access, learning/developmental equipment, vision, health, safety and daily living, hearing, switches, seating, positioning, personal mobility, and recreation. All loan requests are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

There is a nominal fee charged for each piece of equipment borrowed to cover general maintenance of the equipment.  These charges vary from center to center. Late fees may also apply on loans not returned by the due date.

Visit the KY Assistive Technology Locator website to see equipment currently available for loan. By registering for an account on the site, you can also initiate a request for a loan, manage your loans, and even list your own items for sale/give-away.

General Guidelines

  • The borrower agree to:
    • comply with any limitation that may be part of the loan (i.e.; no copying software),
    • pay for any damage/loss due to negligence,
    • pick up and/or return items borrowed or pay for any associated shipping costs (shipping, handling and insurance),
    • replace any items not returned, billed at the listed value for the replacement item,
    • assume responsibility for theft of equipment borrowed, and agree to provide the ATRC with a copy of the Police report for their records,
    • complete orientation/training on the item(s) being borrowed as determined by the ATRC,
    • sign a loan agreement that will include demographic and contact information as part of the ATRCs required data collection,
    • provide feedback on services received upon the completion of each loan.

The length of time a piece of equipment can be loaned will vary from center to center, but will typically be 30 days.  Loans will be extended on a case-by-case basis, depending on the borrower’s situation and the demand for the same equipment.

Renewals can be requested in person, by phone or by e-mail.  If there is a waiting list for the item, it must be returned by the due date or additional late charges may be assessed.  Certain equipment, subject to availability, may be signed out for longer term loans.

The number of items that can be checked out at one time may be limited, and will vary from center to center.