The ABC’s of Office Ergonomics

Presented by Steve Davis, University of Kentucky’s True Lean Program

Thursday, September 8, 2022
9:00am – 10:15am

Session Description

The ABC’s of Office Ergonomics: What it is and why it’s necessary… how anyone can conduct an ergo evaluation! Includes DIY ergonomic adjustments that can be improvised in the field.

Presenter Biography

Steve Davis has been working with True Lean since 2000, as an Ergonomics education provider.  He supports clients as they improve conditions for team members at all levels – in keeping with Toyota’s philosophy of Respect for People.

His focus is to systematically identify the true root cause in order to prevent the problem from recurring. This is in keeping with his rich experience demonstrating that ergonomics are the symptom of process inefficiencies. Steve began developing this expertise in the aerospace industry where he programmed, setup and operated Computerized Numerical Control machines.  He then transitioned to employee development, safety & health / quality systems management, including experience with Halliburton.

Steve has worked in both general industry and the construction industry, including contractors with the US Army Corps of Engineers / US Navy, serving as a Construction Quality Systems Manager or a Site Safety and Health Officer.

He majored in Organizational Communications with a minor in Loss Prevention and Safety at EKU.