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There are several programs that provide funding for assistive technology. Working your way through the funding maze is not always an easy task.

The Buck Starts Here...

The KATS Network publishes The Buck Starts Here... A Guide to Assistive Technology in Kentucky to help you through the funding maze. Currently in its 14th edition (2013), the manual is available in both PDF and HTML versions. You can also request print copies by calling (800) 327-5287.

Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation

Another funding source is the Kentucky Assistive Technology Loan Corporation (KATLC). This program provides low-interest fixed rate loans in the range of $500.00 to $25,000. To learn more about this program please visit the KATLC homepage at: www.katlc.ky.gov. KATLC loans can be used to purchase both new and used Assistive Technology, which makes it a good compliment to the KATS Network's Assistive Technology Exchange List (ATEX)


This Federal website gives information for various resources and strategies for the funding and acquisition of assistive technology.

Disability.gov Funding Resources/Strategies