98 students

To earn CEUs for this session, you must be present for the entire live event and discussion which will take place Thursday, June 4 from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm EDT. You must also complete the Knowledge Assessment.

Agriculture is one of the most rewarding and challenging enterprises a person can choose. Kentucky has over 75,000 farm businesses and most of these are independently run family operations. Agriculture contributes over $6 Billion
annually to Kentucky’s economy. This population of our workforce is constantly among it’s most underserved.

This presentation will outline several of the basic daily tasks on a typical vegetable production operation. Focusing on some of the challenges presented and exploring ways to overcome those challenges. We will re-examine each of the tasks utilizing low-cost adaptive solutions to ease the flow of work and create a safer more enjoyable work environment for the farmer.

1. Greater understanding of Agriculture’s importance to Kentucky’s workforce economy.
2. Farming can take on many forms and is unlike any other work. Attendees will have a greater understanding of the day to day tasks required to operate a farm business and clearly understand why it is so different.
3. Understanding of how existing low and no-cost technology can improve the safety and accessibility of an agricultural work environment.

Supplemental materials provided by Carol Weber and Michael Weber


  • In 2014, farmer Michael Lewis and some fellow Veterans were the first Americans legally permitted to farm hemp in the U.S. since its prohibition in the 1970s. Michael has received several honors/awards from Kentucky’s government including the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the Office of the Governor. He also received the Wendell Berry New Agrarian Award. Michael currently serves as the Director of the AgriAbility program at the University of Kentucky’s Agriculture and Natural Resources department.AgrAbility works with farmers who have disablities to keep them working on the farm.

  • Linda is a Navy Veteran. She has represented the University of Kentucky's Agriculture and Natural Resources Department as the Project Coordinator for the Kentucky AgrAbility Project for the past 10 years. In this capacity, she has aided the USDA grant project with organizing workshops, meetings, and conferences for the farmers of Kentucky. The Kentucky AgrAbility Project helps farmers with disabilities that make it hard for them to continue their work on the farm.